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Este é um fantástico depoimento do Mosab Hassan Yousef, filho do fundador do Hamas. Ele era um fanático muçulmano que pertencia a este grupo terrorista palestino chamado HAMAS. Mosab em entrevista, nestes três videos, fala para a Televisão Brasileira, Rede Globo, como ele deixou de ser terrorista e passou a trabalhar para Israel e finalmente, ele se converteu ao cristianismo. Mosab prega o amor em Cristo que pode libertar judeus e muçulmanos do ódio milenar.

Ceci est un témoignage fantastique du Mosab Hassan Yousef, fils du fondateur du Hamas. Il était un musulman fanatique qui appartenaient à ce groupe terroriste palestinien Hamas a appelé. Mosab dans une interview, ces trois vidéos, parle à la télévision brésilienne, Rede Globo, comme il a cessé d'être un terroriste, et est allé travailler pour Israël et, finalement, il s'est converti au christianisme. Mosab prêche l'amour dans le Christ que peut donner la paix aux Juifs et aux Musulmans qui souffrent de la haine ancestrale .. (Par scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes)

This is a fantastic testimony of Mosab Hassan Yousef, son of the founder of Hamas. He was a fanatic Muslim who belonged to this Palestinian terrorist group called Hamas. Mosab in an interview, these three videos, talks to the Brazilian Television, Rede Globo, as he ceased to be a terrorist, and went to work for Israel, and finally, he converted to Christianity. Mosab preaches love in Christ that can give peace to Jews and Muslims who suffer from age-old hatred .. (By scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes)



by former Israeli Shin-Bet agent,
Gonen ben Itzhak

Mosab Hassan Yousef worked as an Israeli agent for about ten years. When I met him, he was a young and wild Palestinian. Over the years, I watched him become one of the most important players in the bloody intelligence game in the West Bank.

Mosab was never a yes-man. He had strong beliefs and character, and he never made any attempt to flatter anyone.

Last week, I read an article by one, Walid Shoebat, who claims to have been a PLO terrorist who bombed Bank Leumi in Bethlehem. Yet, I never heard his name before, never saw his name in any Israeli intelligence files, and there is no record of any such attack.

I found it strange that, while his brothers and sisters are being slaughtered in Syria, Libya, Egypt, and Yemen, Mr. Shoebat’s biggest concern seems to be a year-old television interview. He claims to be a great supporter of Israel, but where was he and what was he doing during the Second Intifada? While Mosab was risking his life day and night, Mr. Shoebat was busy collecting donations with his 800 number.

Mosab Hassan Yousef does not need to prove anything. He has proved it a thousand times over by fighting terror and paying an unreasonably high personal price for his convictions.

As part of my job as an Israeli Shin-Bet agent, I visited many times the Masqubiyeh Prison. Reading Mr. Shoebat’s description of the place, I can only say, Mr. Shoebat, you know nothing of the Masqubiyeh!

Mr. Shoebat is playing a dirty game. As a native Arab speaker, he knows that Arabic is much more than spoken words. In order to understand the meaning of a statement, one must also understand the Arab mentality and culture and the social and political realities.

Mosab’s goal was never to recruit people for the Israeli Shin-Bet. His goal is to build bridges, to help his Palestinian brothers see the truth and understand the meaninglessness and futility of violence. I know this, because we talk about it together almost every single day. How many times have you spoken with Mosab, Mr. Shoebat? Or do you think you know a man’s thoughts and the motives of his heart by listening to a television interview?

Mosab helped Israel more than anyone can believe. This is why the Israeli Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee wrote him a letter of gratitude, perhaps the first of its kind in Israeli history. But somehow Walid Shoebat knows something Israeli officials missed? He knows something members of the U.S. Congress missed? He is smarter than the former director of the CIA, smarter than Jewish leaders in the United States?

I am a trained intelligence officer, with degrees in business, law, and psychology and have extensive experience in the world of lies and deception. I can smell a fraud and recognize a fake hero on the spot. During his service, Mosab never lied to us, and believe me, we had all the tools and the means to find out. Unlike Walid Shoebat, Mosab did not commit fictitious crimes against Israel. And unlike Mr. Shoebat, Mosab served hard time in prison and paid for what he did.

Yes, sometimes he criticizes Israel, like any Israeli, like me. He is no blind follower. He is an intelligent, thoughtful man of conviction and integrity. Mosab Hassan Yousef was a member of a team that risked their lives for Israel, and as such, he earned the right to think independently, criticize the things he believes to be wrong, and support what he believes to right. That is what it means to love Israel, not making speeches and soliciting donations.

Mosab loves the USA but dreams about going back to Israel. I look forward to the moment he will return. My house will also be his, because he is part of our proud family, part of Israel.