quinta-feira, 10 de março de 2011


Hello, ladies and gentlemen,
Reflecting on the questioning of Professor Wesley below:

"We can conclude that all revolutionary processes are triggered by intellectuals? Or the people have awareness of their condition? Do movements in both an act directed not see? "

1 - Not always the mentor is the ideology of a charismatic leader who draws crowds to its ideals. The French nobility were partly responsible for the French revolutionary process, but other social groups with other interests have joined to make this a turning point in French politics. Karl Marx developed the ideology, but were other charismatic leaders who put their ideas into practice (absurd). Mohammed was not someone who can say that it was an intellectual, but also triggered a revolution in Arab tribes and affected the civil and religious thought in the Middle East today.

2 - The people or the masses are very suggestible, easily seduced by opinion leaders. Poor people in general think the stomach and the nobles for the pleasure of luxury and power. But make no mistake, they know where the callus presses ... The French Revolution occurred because of poor diet diminished and shrank the privileges of the nobles. The error of the French King Louis XVI who wound up for the revolution, was the same mistake made by King Rehoboam of Israel, soon after Solomon's death, but this has built a rich state, but at the expense of efforts of all classes . Rehoboam his son did not realize it was time to loosen the reins and instead wanted to push further, the people asked for reduction of fees and taxes, as the king did not accept there was a revolt and the Jewish State lost 10 of the twelve tribes formed a new state under the command of King Jeroboam. (I Kings 12:3-11).

3 - The third question of Professor Wesley, I see no relationship between the two revolutions. The English industrial revolution did not leave the poor but for entrepreneurs who have come to command the production of goods. The poor in general was transferred from rural to urban areas and their living conditions have improved facilities that were due to industrial production provided.